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About Pars Kouh Company

“Simorgh Pars Kouh” Company started its activities in 2002 by implementing the ‘5137-meter Ararat Peak in Turkey’ program and then recorded more than 120 overseas climbs in its record. Currently working in mountaineering/rock climbing/mountain skiing/rock climbing/cave climbing/hiking / inbound tours and more.

Mr. Reza Mahmoudi, The management of this complex (with a bachelor’s degree in physical education, hiking instructor, mountain guide and a brilliant mountaineering career), is one of the pioneers of this sport, after years of professional climbing work, along with many team members. And many times climbed different peaks.

The happiest moment of every person’s life is when they walk into an unknown land. Pars Kouh Company offers you the best service and many years of experience, allowing you to create the most beautiful memories of the best moments of your life.